Reflection & Driver Coaching at Sonoma

This weekend will be a great one full of two days of private driver instruction with Porsche GT3 owner, Christian Marx. Christian has a substantial amount of racing experience in his past ranging from the UK to races at the Nurburgring itself.

I have worked with him once before at the Streets of Willow, where he organized a private track day with 25 of his driving buddies. It is a great crew that is passionate about Motorsport. I really enjoy events like this because it brings me back to the grassroots of Motorsport. It reminds me just what it is all about and why professional racers are able to pursue their passion. Without these kind of supporters, the industry would surely dwindle and fail. So for that reason, here is a big thank you to everyone involved in all ranks of Motorsport. Without you guys we would be nothing!

I have been truly blessed to experience the kind of success that I have and know that I can attribute all of this good fortune to my supporters. It is people like Ivett Bozsó of Hungary that keep me fueled and hungry to achieve more. I know I’ve been out of it for a while due to lack of funding, but I’m confident that I will soon make my return to the top flight of Motorsport in North America.

Thank you everyone for your on going support and check back soon for more updates. June is going to be a busy month full of traveling and coaching.

Never lift,