Driver Development

Whether you are an experienced racer or just someone that has taken up driving as a hobby, you need quality instruction to improve your skills behind the wheel.  Bryce Miller Racing’s Driver Development program offers a suite of services that draw on Miller’s expertise in and out of the cockpit. BMR offers the tools for a wide range of beginner to advanced racing drivers to help you take your driving to the next level including:

  • Driver CoachingMay 1-3. 2-15: Laguna Seca Lamborghini Super Trofeo. Huracan steering wheel
  • In-Car Instruction
  • Data Analysis
  • Race Car Engineering & Development
  • Chassis Tuning
  • Race Weekend Management
  • Workshop on How to Attract Sponsors
  • B2B Opportunities

Each time out, Bryce will personally work with you to effectively teach you his systematic approach to driving and will help you establish goals, break down the track, and learn new driving techniques that will ultimately improve your driving.

A day of private coaching includes personal in-car instruction, data acquisition, car set-up and video analysis with Bryce.

With all the tools at your fingertips you can ensure that each time you get behind the wheel you will not only make progress toward your goals, but will develop new, technical skills that will give you an edge over your competition.

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// Testimonials
“I started out as a POC racer and I am now racing with the big boys! I could not have done it without Bryce!  His experience and attention to every detail is more then I ever would have expected from a coach.  Not only is he a top tier driver, he is well versed in the technical data that goes along with racing.  His overall enthusiasm for every aspect of the sport is so motivating and he makes it fun. Thank you Bryce!”
-Jonathan Levey, 2010 Porsche GT3 Cup